Our Mission & Philosophy

After over 14 years in business, we at Poochie-Pets have come to recognize that Your Dog Makes You A Better Person®. It has been shown that people who live with a dog live longer and healthier. Through your dog’s everyday actions and behavior, your life becomes richer. Incorporating the simplest of doggie routines, such as your morning walk, creating a healthy habit for you as well as your dog, to appreciating the warm welcome received at the end of each long day, will make you a better person. Behaviors exemplified by your furry friend can be realized in your life. There are no ulterior motives in your dog’s behavior, just simple admiration for the person he believes you to be.

Yes, be the person your dog thinks you are.

Let us celebrate this recognition together as we all share this common element through our lives with our dogs.  Poochie-Pets products are created with this mission of enhancing the recognition that your dog makes you a better person.

Be Healthy. Be Happy. Be Safe. Be Patient. Be Loving…